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People who share a common interest in comparing China with other countries and regions within its Asian and global contexts in a historical and contemporary matrix; and to compare Chinese people or their thoughts methodologically and theoretically within the broader context of human knowledge. We work for Global China Academy (GCI), the non-profit interdisciplinary academic society, on a voluntary basis.  

How can you get involved?

We have different tasks each year based on the progressive stages of development of the GCI and projects we are undertaking or developing, see the details below:

  • Bi-directional translation from Chinese to English or vice versa for GCI's websites, blogs and related publications
  • Running different forms of social media to promote different organization of GCI 
  • Developing research projects
  • Professionals, e.g. legal advisor, website designer, graphic editor, proofreader, typesetter
  • Administrators
  • Event coordinators
  • Fund raising officers
  • Marketing developer

How do you work with Global China Academy?

  • Beyond the above listed tasks if you want to develop your own research interests, publication or translation projects, we will in return provide limited advice on research, and will offer connections to individuals who might give further advice.
  • We will provide instruction or guidance to all of you by giving clear descriptions of the content of each project, requirements, duties, etc. We will offer advice and possibly even connections to relevant institutes or individuals.
  • The work load is about 4 hours per week on avarage. 
  • The work arrangements are flexible: you can complete the tasks in your own time while keeping to the given schedule. The allocated work will take you a few hours per week on average over the period of eight months. All the work can be done via email communication. If you have enquires please send an email to .

What can you benefit from this?

There is no monetary payment for this work. But you can benefit in the following 20 ways:

  • being a multi-faceted editor or researcher with all-round abilities which could help you with whatever career you may choose in the future
  • you may be able to access some advice from GCI and connections for further developing your own research interests
  • you can contribute to any publications that GCI is undertaking
  • you can add ‘Associate Researcher, Editor or Translator of GCI’ on your CV
  • we will provide you with a reference
  • you can have you own webpage on the GCI website
  • you can have an unlimited email account with
  • you can have access as writer or editor to our blogs
  • your name will be posted on the webpage or sub-page that you edited, proofread or translated 
  • in addition to the above, you can enjoy all 10 benefits as fee paid members (from £28 to £68 per annual, except hard copies of the journal)
  • We also provide various payment equivalent training and internship.- NEW

How to apply?

There are two ways that you can work for GCI:

(1) to be a member of GCI

  • This offer is open to all professionals, researchers and students who are interested in pursuing China and the Chinese from a comparative perspective related work
  • It is an open ended call. You are welcome to approach us at any time
  • It normally for one year, but can be renewed

If you are interested, please complete the application form which includes three elements:

  • your basic information  
  • your proposal to carry out the GCI’s work (no more than 1000 words)
  • Identify any work that you are able to contribute to GCI by browsing its 9 websites and 8 blogs according to your expertise and ability;
  • make suggestions for how to improve quality of GCI’s current work based on work has been mentioned on the workplace page 
  • Make a list of work as your manageable tasks at a voluntary ad hoc basis for one year
  • Explain how you are going to carry them out 
  • Reason(s) of applying for the position
  • your CV (CV should be in English. If you have a Chinese name please write it down in Chinese characters. English and Chinese bi-lingual CV is preferred. Please refer to the Careers Service at University of Oxford's useful resources for different types of CVs and samples, also see its PDF document). 

If you don’t receive a reply one month after the deadline, you should assume that your application is unsuccessful. Please be aware that we won’t send you a separate notice.

(2) to work casually, e.g. carrying out a one off task, take an internship during holidays.  

If you have any question please write to:

(updated on 5th Jan 2017)


招聘志愿研究人员 / 编辑 / 翻译 / 专业人士 / 行政管理人员 / 专家顾问




  • 中英互译
  • 社会媒体
  • 研发项目
  • 专业服务, 如: 法律顾问、美工设计、中英文编辑、校对
  • 行政人员
  • 活动策划
  • 市场开发
  • 资金筹措


  • 我们将为所有的编辑/翻译和助理相关人员提供指导,每个项目的内容、要求和责任等都有清楚的描述。我们将指导并提供咨询及联系可供进一步咨询之单位或个人;
  • 工作量每周4小时左右;
  • 工作安排十分灵活,只要根据协议的计划安排提交阶段性成果即可,所有工作内容均可通过电子邮件 与我们联系;
  • 如还有疑问或获取进一步的信息请发邮件至:


  • 本工作场可助君成为一名多层次的、具有研究能力和全面技能的复合型研究人才,以寻得理想职业
  • 您可以从全球中国学术院获得建议和联系,以进一步发展自己的研究兴趣
  • 有助于您参与全球中国学术院的出版物
  • 您可以在您的简历中添加全球中国学术院志愿研究人员 / 编辑 / 翻译 / 专业人士 / 行政管理人员 / 专家顾问(所有名单会公布在网站上)
  • 我们将为您提供推荐信介绍给相关单位或部门
  • 我们优先考虑您的提议合作开发项目或举办活动
  • 您可以在全球中国学术院拥有您自己的网页
  • 您可以有无限量的电子邮件帐户
  • 您可以成为我们的博客的作者或编辑
  • 你的名字将发布在您编校或翻译的网页
  • 除上述外,您还可以享受所有10项付费会员(每年从28-68英镑不等,印刷版刊物除外)的优惠
  • 我们也提供有偿的实习和培训项目 - 新增


  • 本岗位向所有分享我们志趣的人士开放
  • 招聘常年开放
  • 由于特殊情况,在申请时间上我们也会灵活考虑
  • 一般为期一年,可以续聘
  • 也可以提供一次性服务或短地实习


  • 个人简要信息
  • 申请报告包含以下要点(不超过1000字):

          o 通过浏览全球中国学术院的9个网站和8个博客,根据您的专业知识和能力确定您能够为全球中国学术院所作的工作
          o 基于本工作场页面提供的信息提出提高现有工作质量的建议
          o 提交一份为期一年的自愿性工作的切实可行的工作任务清单
          o 解释你将如何去实施上述任务
          o 申请此职位的原因