China and global society are fighting COVID-19 together

Book launch and display, online and offline assessments of the crisis from within and outside China

     During preparations for the 2020 London Book Fair (LBF), Professor Martin Albrow, Fellow of the British Academy of Social Sciences and Honorary President of the Global China Academy, received invitations from China International Publishing Group (CIPG) and New World Press to express his concerns about the coronavirus outbreak in China. On 24th February he wrote: “Sometimes it is misfortune that brings people together. COVID-19 is a tragedy for a few poor souls, a very bad experience for many more, but creates fear in the whole world. Nothing makes us more aware of our common humanity than a disease we cannot cure, that knows nothing of our borders, our ideologies and our class divisions. China has been acting for all of us in its struggle to contain the virus, in sharing news of its origin and spread, of its preventive measures, of its care for the sick and research for a vaccine. China is showing the best kind of leadership, encouraging the rest of the world to draw from the example it provides.”


On 5th March, the day after the LBF’s cancellation announcement, Professor Albrow gave a joint interview to Xinhua News Agency, China Central Television, China International Radio and other media. He said: “The Chinese government has done its very best. They inform the rest of the world, and the measures that they take have set an example to the world. Because the Chinese government depends on the people. And one of the most remarkable things I think for the outside world is to show how the Chinese people themselves cooperate, work hard, their self-discipline is extraordinary, and they maintain a good spirit throughout the crisis. … When it comes to the virus, the boundaries don't exist, races don't matter, we are all of one human family. I think this is a great example that even one family needs leadership, China has given leadership here, they will continue to do so, they are doing research at the moment to find a vaccine. The rest of the world looks to China. Every country is responding differently, and that as well is not necessarily a bad thing, because one or two countries, they may find more effective ways, so the diversity of the world also responds to the virus, but it is very big challenge and it does remind us that we are one people, one world with a shared future.”

Professor Martin Albrow (top left), Mr. Mwika Nyangibo (accountant to the Global China Academy, top right), and visitors are inspectingthe new books with interests.


On 6th March, XIE Xiaocheng, the General Manager of Cypress Books Company (UK) Ltd, presented some books and magazines to be displayed on a stand together with other books that were to have been launched at the LBF. They included China’s Battle against the Coronavirus, Wuhan in Coronavirus Lockdown and the magazine China Pictorial in English and Chinese editions. They were published by the Foreign Languages Press of the China International Publishing Group. Other books displayed at this “mini joint preview” were three classics by Professor Fei Xiaotong, the famous Chinese sociologist and anthropologist, which had been republished jointly by Global Century Press and New World Press to commemorate the 110th anniversary of Fei’s birth.


General Manager XIE Xiaocheng, Cypress Books Company (UK) Ltd, observed: “At present, countries around the world are battling the COVID-19 epidemic. Seven publishers affiliated with CIPG (China International Publishing Group) have collected materials and selected topics from journals and online media interviews and reports to include in the abovementioned books, China’s Battle against the Coronavirus, Wuhan in Coronavirus Lockdown, as well as in Facing the Black Swans: Psychological Counselling for Youth in Crisis, which record the hardships, journey and present situation of the Chinese people in fighting the epidemic. These books were published quickly, in various forms. They shared Chinese experiences and anti-epidemic stories relating to government measures, prevention, control methods, psychological counselling and international support, and expressed respect for the medical staff and all staff members, as well as their support to all countries in the world fighting the COVID-19 epidemic.” (See Jointly Republishing Three Books to Commemorate the 110th Anniversary of Professor Fei Xiaotong's Birth (1910-2005).    

On 7th March, thanks to the good offices of Global Century Press and Cypress Books, Professor Albrow was presented with the English versions of China's Battle against the Coronavirus and Stories of Courage and Determination, after which he recorded a video to be released on CIPG’s “cloud”. He said: “The whole world has been astonished by China's determination to beat the new virus, COVID-19.And we also have been informed by that determination and it's an encouragement to the rest of the world. So we have to be delighted that the Foreign Languages Press, a section of the China International Publishing Group, has already published two attractive books in double-quick time to inform the rest of the world. … These stories from Wuhan in particular show the effect of the virus on people's everyday lives and how they respond to the challenge. This is an example of how China can offer leadership at a time when the world is in desperate need of it. It so happens that it is misfortune that can sometimes bring the world together. This is the community of shared future, the community in adversity, but of course it shows how different cities in China and different people respond in different ways. So it's also diversity in adversity. I strongly recommend these books to the English-speaking readership of the world.”


Professor Xiangqun Chang FRSA, President of Global China Academy, Honorary Professor of University College London, said: “The 2020 London Book Fair has been cancelled owing to COVID-19 outbreak. Hence, the scheduled launch of the two abovementioned books and the magazine from China on the virus have been turned into a ‘cloud book launch event’ at the CIPG in Beijing. A mini joint display of the above books and magazines, together with Fei Xiaotong’s three books, was held in London, hosted by Global Century Press and Cypress Books. This event signified the continuity of our collaboration, no matter how large or small, or under what circumstances. The publications demonstrated at a highly appropriate juncture how the Chinese people have fought the coronavirus and shared their experiences with the world, at a time when we are all suffering from its effects.”  

Special thanks to Mr. DU Yichao, Chevening Scholar, FCO, UK, Director of Wuxi Institute of New Culture, China, and his colleagues for their hard work and professionalism in transcribing text, translating English–Chinese subtitles and producing the videos.   


  —— 来自国内外的跨时空的在线和离线图书联展与发布




全球中国学术院荣誉院长马丁·阿尔布劳教授、学术院会计姆维卡·恩尼吉博(Mwika Nyangibo)先生以及部分来访者对这些新书表示了极大的兴趣。

3月6日,英国常青图书公司总经理谢晓宬先生带来了中国国际出版集团外文出版社出版的《武汉封城:坚守与逆行》和《中国战“疫”日志》两本书以及《人民画报》英汉两种版本,加入了环球世纪出版社和新世界出版社为纪念中国著名社会学家和人类学家费孝通先生诞辰110周年而合作再版的三本书的陈列台,做了一个“迷你联合预展”。(见 环球世纪出版社和新世界出版社出版合作再版三本书——纪念费孝通(1910-2005)教授诞辰110周年)


     谢晓宬总经理介绍说,“当前,全球各国正在紧密应对新冠肺炎疫情。中国国际出版集团旗下多家出版机构融通期刊社和网络媒体采访、报道等资源,相继出版了《2020 中国战“疫”日志》、《武汉封城:坚守与逆行》、《直面黑天鹅:危急时刻的青少年心理疏导》等多种中英文版图书、期刊,用系列图书记录了中国人民抗击疫情的艰辛历程和心路旅程,将中国抗击疫情的实际情况呈现给世界。这些抗击疫情主题图书出版快、角度新、形式多,从政府举措、防控方法、心理疏导、国际支援等多方面分享了中国经验和抗疫故事,表达了中国出版人对奋战在抗疫一线广大医务工作者和全体工作人员的敬意,表达了对世界各国共同抗击新冠肺炎疫情的支持。”


      全球中国学术院院长、伦敦大学学院荣誉教授常向群教授说,“2020年伦敦书展因新冠病毒肺炎爆发而被破取消。原计划在伦敦书展发布《武汉封城:坚守与逆行》和《中国战‘疫’日志》等书以及《中国日报》专刊的英汉两个版本,改为在中国外文局暨中国国际出版集团北京总部举办的‘云发行活动’。 英国环球世纪出版社和常青图书公司将以上书籍和杂志及其与该集团所属的新世界出版社联合再版的、中国著名社会学家和人类学家费孝通先生的三本书的微型联展在伦敦举行。此活动无论大小、无论在何种情况下举办,标志着我们合作的持续性。这些出版物及时地展示了中国人民如何与新冠病毒抗争并与世界各国分享他们的经验,而且在大家都在遭受其影响的时候,则显得尤为宝贵。”