Dr. Sabrina Ching Yuen Luk 

Dr. Sabrina Ching Yuen Luk is Associate Editor of CCPN Global (UK); Associate Professor of Kunming University of Science and Technology, China. She was awarded her PhD from the Department of Political Science and International Studies, University of Birmingham in July 2013. Peviously, her MPhil from the Department of Government and Public Administration, and Bachelor of Social Science (First Class Honors), were awarded by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Dr. Luk's research interests lie broadly in health care reforms, e-government, governance, institutional analysis, public administration, China studies, and Hong Kong government. She has been actively presenting papers on health care and e-government in different international conferences in Australia, the United Kingdom (including Nottingham, Norwich, Birmingham, Bristol and Oxford), Hong Kong, and China (including Beijing, Shanghai, and Xiamen). Dr. Luk was a recipient of the 2012 Michael O'Rourke PhD Publication Award at the University of Birmingham for her research contributions and publication record. She is also the Highly Commended Award Winner of the 2013 Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Awards in the Healthcare Management Category.

Her recent publications include 最近的著作包括 :

  • (in press) Health Insurance Reforms in Asia. Singapore: Routledge.
  • “China’s Rural Land Policy and Human Right Protection.” (with Erping LI) The International Journal of Policy Studies, vol. 4(2), pp.19-36, 2013;
  • "E-government in China: Opportunities and Challenges for the Transformation of Governance in the Information Age", in Bin Wu, Shujie Yao, and Jian Chen, eds., China's Development and Harmonization: Towards a Balance with Nature, Society and the International Community (London; New York: Routledge Curzon), 2013;
  • "Questions of Ethics in Public Sector Management: The Case Study of Hong Kong". Public Personnel Management, vol. 41(2), pp.361-378, 2012;
  •  "The Protruding Implications of Privatization: Attractive Potentials Leading to Catastrophic Consequences" (with Lina Vyas). Journal of Asian Public Policy, vol.5(3), pp.322-332, 2012;
  • "The Impact of Leadership and Stakeholders on the Success or Failure of E-government Service: E-Stamping Service in Hong Kong". Government Information Quarterly, vol.26(4), pp.594-604, 2009. Her forthcoming book is on comparative health insurance reforms in Asia (Routledge).



陆贞元博士,全球中国比较研究会 (CCPN Global, 英国) 兼任副编辑,昆明理工大学管理与经济学院副教授。她于香港中文大学政治与公共行政系学习,分别获得社会科学学士学位 (荣誉,甲等)(First Class Honors) 及哲学硕士学位。2013年7月,她获英国伯明翰大学政治科学与国际研究系授予哲学博士学位。 陆博士的研究兴趣广泛,包括医疗保健改革、电子政务、治理、制度分析、公共行政、中国研究以及香港政府。她一直积极地于不同的国际会议,包括澳大利亚、英国 (如诺丁汉、诺维奇、伯明翰、布里斯托尔和牛津)、香港及中国(如北京、上海和厦门)发表关于医疗保健和电子政务的论文。陆博士于2012年获英国伯明翰大学颁发Michael O'Rourke PhD Publication Award,以表扬她的研究成果和出版记录。她亦是2013年爱墨瑞得 (Emerald) 与欧洲管理发展基金会 (EFMD) 优秀博士研究奖医疗管理类别的高度赞扬奖得主(Highly Commended Award)。