Mengwei Tu 

Mengwei Tu, is Assistant Researcher, Editor and Translator of CCPN Global (UK). She is currently doing a PhD in Sociology in the School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research, the University of Kent. Her research is about Chinese middle class migrants, with a particular focus on the only-child cohort. She is interested in learning the lived experience of the university-educated mainland Chinese who remained in the UK. She seeks to understand the factors behind their decision to migrate or to settle, as well as how the only-child migrants in the UK negotiate filial obligation with their parents in China. She is presenting her paper “The impact of one-child policy on Chinese Transnaitonalism” in the British Sociology Association Annual Conference, 2014.

Before she joined Kent for the PhD research in 2012, Mengwei completed an MA in Public Administration and a BA in International Communications at the University of Nottingham. She spent an exchange semester in University of Technology, Sydney, where she studied Public Communication. She holds a Postgraduate Certificate of Social Research Method and Advanced Level English/Mandarin Interpretation Accreditation Certificate.

Mengwei was awarded Kent Hong Kong Alumni Scholarship in 2012 which covers a three-year PhD course. In 2013, she received Allcorn Box Scholar Award. In the same year, she was awarded scholarship to take part in Preparing Global Leaders Summit in Moscow. Mengwei was also chosen to represent the University of Kent in a promotion to China.

Mengwei has worked as an international purchaser, an interpreter and an international education consultant; she has been involved intensively in bilingual public media communication, and she has taught English as a second language. Currently she is a mentor for MA students in Kent, and she is also a member of the British Sociology Association.


屠梦薇女士, 全球中国比较研究会 (CCPN Global, 英国)兼任助理研究员、编辑兼翻译。英国肯特大学社会学院,社会学博士研究生。她的研究对象为中国中产阶级新移民,尤其是独生子女一代移民。她的博士课题通过深入调查新一代中高层次中国移民在英国的经历与感受,了解当代中国中产阶级新移民的个人动机、生活状态以及独生子女移民对国内日渐尖锐的养老问题的认识和态度。她将在2014年英国社会学年会上发表题为《独生子女政策对中国跨国际主义的影响》的演讲。


屠梦薇于2012年获得肯特大学香港校友会奖学金资助三年博士课程经费,于2013年荣获Allcorn Box学者称号。同年,她被授予奖学金前往莫斯科参加“未来国际领导者培养峰会”。此外,在2013年她代表肯特大学对中国进行了宣传活动。