Mr Wen Chen 陈文先生

Mr Wen Chen, Website Consultant of CCPN Global (UK); a professional website designer. He obtained his MSc in IT management, University of Bradford, UK; and Bachelor in communication engineering, Century College, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China.  

He has gained extensive skills in IT and Website building and management:  

  •          Photoshop
  •          Wordpress
  •          Magento
  •          Joomla
  •          Prestashop
  •          HTML+CSS+PHP
  •          Microsoft Word / Excel / Powerpoint
  •          Photography
  •          Search Engine Optimization
  •          Online Marketing

From 2011 to 2013 Wen worked in the UK as website designer for the following companies and projects:      

  •           Build & manage website ( is an online platform for second-hand goods exchange and trade. had about 500 registered users in 2011. The platform closed in March 2012 because Wen did not have enough time for maintenance).
  •           Build & manage website (Travel UK (, Travel UK provides useful information on travel in UK, study abroad in UK and UK life style for Chinese visitors who are interested in visiting or study in UK. The website was very popular. Some competitive keywords such as “Travel in UK” and “Study in UK” are on the first page of
  •           IT consultant & Marketing Manager (LONDON YKA - YK Associates Limited & YK Import & Export Limited. Build, maintain and optimize the company’s website. Introduce booking system and customer managing system to companies. Managed the part used by Chinese customers which and has a very good evaluation from these customers. Designed company’s marketing and advertising plan).
  •           Founder & Designer (Otherfish Design Studio - In charge of more than 50 website designs, optimization and promotion activities for different companies and clients).

From 2013 Wen has been working as a Website Consultant who participates in the development of websites and blogs for a UK based global academic society - CCPN Global (promoting the study of China and the Chinese from a comparative perspective). He is also maintaining all of this website's blogs and developing its online store.