Ms.Yujing Yang  

Ms.Yujing Yang is Assistance Researcher of CCPN Global (UK), Lecturer of Law School of Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College, specializing in Environmental Law. Ms.Yang is the PhD candidate of the Law School of Chongqing University. Previously, Ms.Yang had one-year of study in CEPMLP of Dundee University as the visiting PhD student funded by Chinese Scholarship Council(CSC) from Sept.2011-Sept.2012 in the UK. She had a one-semester exchange study in the Financial Law Department of Chung Cheng University of Taiwan in the spring semester of 2013. Ms. Yang’s research interests focus on environmental law and intellectual property law, especially patent law. The title of her PhD thesis is Legal Regime of Clean Energy Technology Transfer—from the Perspective of Climate Change. She is the main researcher of 2 national-level academic research projects Funded by the National Social Science Foundation of China. Ms.Yang was a recipient of National Scholarship for PhD student 2012 awarded by the Ministry of Education.

Her recent Publications:

(1) Book Review on Intellectual Property and Climate Change, Journal of Review of European Community and International Environmental Law, Vol. 21(2) 2012, (ISSN 09628797), pp.159-160.

(2) Characteristics and Trends of the U.S. Clean Energy Patent Litigations and Its Implications for China, Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology, 2013 (1),pp123-128.

(3) Clean Energy Technology Transfer in the Context of International Climate Change Negotiation: from the Perspective of Intellectual property Regime, Journal of Modern Law Science 2011 (ISSN1001-2397), pp.164-169.

(4) On the Fast-tracking Green Patent Regime and Its Implications for China, Journal of Forum on Science and Technology in China, forthcoming in summer of 2014. 

(5) YujingYang and XiaoqiuLee: Patent System Reform of U.S. Clean Energy and ItsImplementation to China, Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology (Social Sciences Edition), forthcoming in spring of 2014. 


杨宇静女士,全球中国比较研究会(CCPN Global, 英国)兼任助理研究员,厦门大学嘉庚学院法学院讲师,主讲环境法。杨女士是重庆大学法学院博士候选人。此前,杨女士受国家留学基金管理委员会的资助在英国邓迪大学的能源、石油以及矿法律与政策中心进行为期一年的访问学习。2013春季,她在台湾中正大学财经法律系进行一个学期的学习交流。杨女士的研究兴趣集中在环境法和知识产权,尤其是专利法。她的博士论文题目是《清洁能源技术转移的专利制度研究——以气候变化为角域》。她是两个国家社科基金项目的主研人员。杨女士曾于2012年获得由国家教育部颁发的博士研究生国家奖学金。


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