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Global China Social Enterprise (GCSE) explores mechanisms for the sustainable development of non-profit organizations throughout the world. It was originally proposed jointly by CCPN Global and UVIC Group to manage Global China Dialogue annual forum that initialised between CCPN Global and YES Global, and Global China Thinktank's related business.

Main business:

1. For Global China Dialogue:

  • fund raising
  • venue rental
  • registration
  • media campaigns
  • ​publication and printing of related materials

2. For Global China Thinktank's social consultancy sector:

3. Developed the following ecommerce products:

Our partners:

More info: 

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全球中国社会企业是一种致力于探讨全球社会的非营利组织可持续发展机制的社会企业。它起初全球中国比较研究会(CCPN Global)与英国签证教育集团(UVIC Group)共同发起的,主要是经营由全球中国比较研究会和全球青年精英项目(YES Global)共同发起的全球中国对话年度论坛和全球中国智库的相关业务。


1. 全球中国对话年度论坛所有相关业务,包括:

  • 资金筹措
  • 场地出租
  • 会议注册
  • 媒体宣传
  • 资料出版和印刷

2. 全球中国智库中的“社会顾问”,包括:

3. 在全球中国电商平台开发了如下产品: