Professor XIE Lizhong

Professor XIE Lizhong is Director of the Centre for Social Theory Studies, Peking University; former Vice-President of China Sociological Association, former President of the division of Theoretical Sociology of China Sociological Association; Vice President of East Asia Sociological Association; Chief Editor of Journal of Social Theory. He is also the Chinese President of Global China Institute. His research interests focus on social theory, the study of social development and modernization and social policy. His major publications include Pluralistic Discourse Analysis: A New Approach of Social Research (2019), The Discursive Construction of Social Reality: Analyzing the New Deal for Example (2012), Social Development: Theory, Evaluation, Policy (2012), Towards a Pluralistic Discourse Analysis: The Implications of Postmodernism Theory for Sociology (2009), Social Theory: Reflection and Reconstruction (2006), An Introduction to the Changes of the Contemporary Society in China (2000), The Duality of Social Development (1988), and other publications including nearly 100 journal articles.

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 His publications can be categoried as follows: discourse studies, sociology and social theory, ethnology and anthropology, social transformation and social development.

The Journal of Social Theory is a journal consists of social theoretical research work from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

 Discourse studies

《多元话语分析:社会分析模式的新尝试》(2018),社会现实的话语建构——以“罗斯福新政”为例(2012),走向多元话语分析:后现代思潮的社会学意涵 (2009)

Sociology and social theory

社会学知识的建构:后西方社会学的探索 (2017),后现代社会理论——21世纪高校经典教材,民族复兴与世界联邦—余天休社会科学论集(2008)

中国社会学经典读本(2007),社会理论:反思与重构(2006 ),社会学名著导读(2012)

西方社会学理论(下卷) (2015),西方社会学理论(上卷) (2005),西方社会学名著提要(1998)


Ethnology and anthropology

从马林诺斯基到费孝通(2010),理解民族关系的新思路:少数族群问题的去政治化(2010),海外民族志与中国社会科学 (2010)

Social transformation and social development

经济增长与社会发展:比较研究及其启示(2008),社会发展:理论 评估 政策(2012),社会转型:中韩两国的考察(2012)

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